One of the reasons our guests keep coming back is the range of activities we offer on-site for groups of 10 and over.  These can be undertaken at extra cost or as part of a package.

All shooting activities take place with the latest equipment and are reached via all weather walkways and platforms.

Each of the activities are judged and winners announced. If you wish, the Metcalfes’ specially designed Award Certificates can be presented. These can also be tailored for specific industry or team events.






 Clay bird shooting
We have one of the best electronic traps and a purpose built platform.  All equipment, ear protection and instruction are supplied.
($35.00 per person for 10 shots or 20 shots for $45.00)


Both Allan and Dawn are experienced field archers (Allan has represented NZ twice) and able to give instruction using compound bows and 3-D targets in a bush setting. 
($25.00 per person)


Paintball targets
Paintball targets can be shot as a static display in full view of the decks or as a more active garden sprint.
($20.00 per person)



Air rifle targets
You wil enjoy testing your aim firing at our  “Wild West” scene amidst the trees on our Gun Slingers range.
($20.00 per person)






Pizza Challenge
Contestants find the ingredients, then make a pizza in this ‘fun filled’ activity. They then get to take their pizza home or for another $5.00 per person it can be supplemented with salad and cake or fruit to be eaten as a meal.
($20.00 per person)   


Marshmallow Gun Challenge
A marshmallow flying at a great enough speed can shatter a plane of glass. The guns our guests will build are not that powerfull but they can shoot marshmallows up to 20meters. Participants must read a plan, cut out pipe pieces, decorate and construct their gun.  A contest to see who can shoot their marshmallows the furthest rounds off this fun activity. Guns can be taken home and shown off to the family. 
($15.00 per person) 


Teams are given a map and time limit to find and complete as many challenges as possible. This is a great icebreaker for groups who have only recently come together.
($140.00 setup cost, no per person charge)


Once a booking is confirmed we ask you to fill out a Client Information Schedule that gives us the information to “process” your visit and confirm our discussions. At this point we may ask a 10% deposit at least 2 weeks in advance. We will allow a change in numbers attending up to a week in advance; otherwise we reserve the right to charge for the whole of the original booking if numbers drop. Payments: Our preferences for payment are direct credit, Eftpos, cheque, or cash. Payment by VISA will incur a surcharge of 4 percent (we make no-mark up on VISA transactions).

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